Pre-Jury II | the “HOUSE”

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Diagram Trials

Besides our second model which I will upload on my blog very soon, I have went through some other ways of indicating my ideas on how the bodily experiences change by the fact of different spatial organizations.

First I have listed the factors that we are taking as our criteria and my examinations through them:

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Bodily Experiences of Horizontal Surfaces

The start given to the second year of architectural studios with the examination of Erimtan Museum and the surrounding area for the aim of analyzing horizontal surfaces through the medium of the measurements of human body, its reactions and movements. We were assigned to work in groups of five people so that the experiences we can discover varied instinctively.

The initial factor that took our attention was the elevations of horizontal surfaces which are used to exhibit archaeological art works. Some were positioned to the height of eye level in order to avoid any unnecessary movements and extra effort on human body, some other were in the height of a human waist since they were consisting some works to be investigated from above.Briefly, everything was planned and designed through human body.  Continue reading “Bodily Experiences of Horizontal Surfaces”

Final jury has arrived

Tomorrow is the big day of the whole semester. Final jury is going to take time from 9 am and I am very exited for the jury comments waiting me.Seems like, I enjoy the atmosphere of the jury days in the studio. You can smell happiness, excitement, concern and the rush all together and it kinda have a nice scent. Come and taste it tomorrow with us, in the architectural studios of Ted University.

I would like to share some frames of my final model with its poster. Here they are:

Nilay Karakoy final poster

2nd Pre-jury model

Unlike the first pre-jury we were supposed to inject our seed models into a 40×70 field. That’s why I have reconsidered my strategy and examined the areas that the seed describes.

I have observed that the field has two highest levels at the upper layer and one lowest level of area at the bottom layer and I wanted to relate that far parts with the help of the seed. Therefore, my seed’s location is shaped through the direction of these main three parts. It spreads as  diagonally and at hrough the corner where the prts of upper layer are located, it can be observed more obviously from the top. However, around the middle of the diagonal it overflows from the field at the bottom layer.