Life in Scales


One of the images from “the scales” series I prepared for The Void Mag.


Sometimes wonders come out from boredom

Seems like having no wi-fi yesterday activated my productivity. I was looking for some activities that can do without using the internet and luckily I had my dear Photoshop. So, tried to juxtapose one of my earlier watercolor drawing and another handwriting which once occurred from boredom. That’s why sometimes you shouldn’t wait for an inspiration to come for you, but just TRY!
I believe that they are more inspired together. What do you think?thisisurlife5


Ginger Sister

Nowadays I am practicing big eyes and facial expressions for my character illustrations. I took one of the photographs of my twin sister as my source to illustrate. Also, I am really addicted to give my characters sweet colored cheeks. I should have been exaggerated the color that she suddenly turned out be a ginger. So that I will be calling it as “Ginger Dilay” from now on. But it would fit her, I believe. Don’t you think so?

Ginger Dilay.jpg

My newest occupation: watercolor

Since I have a long holiday till the next semester, it is a great opportunity for me to start my watercolor trials off. I have been highly interested in watercolor illustrations and watercolor calligraphy for a time and finally had my winsor & newton watercolor kit to kick it off. (finally!) WUHUUU!

After a few trails I have decided on making a “30 days watercolor challenge” for myself to practice more and take my watercolor skills to the next level. Here is the product of day 1: sea creatures. This time unlike my previous works, I have tried using pen as an addition to watercolor. What do you think? Any suggestions?

watercolor sea shells.jpg