Life in details


One of the images from “şantiye” series that I prepared for the VOID Mag.
Finding out life objects in the details and questioning the scale factor.


Sometimes wonders come out from boredom

Seems like having no wi-fi yesterday activated my productivity. I was looking for some activities that can do without using the internet and luckily I had my dear Photoshop. So, tried to juxtapose one of my earlier watercolor drawing and another handwriting which once occurred from boredom. That’s why sometimes you shouldn’t wait for an inspiration to come for you, but just TRY!
I believe that they are more inspired together. What do you think?thisisurlife5


“the HOUSE” final proposal

Since the final jury has come, we should be making our designs complete and ready to be presented. During the time since the second preliminary jury, many things changed in my project yet not as dramatic as before. The open circulation spaces were the most challenging part of my design when the climate and air conditions are concerned. In that, the semi enclosed spaces started to dominate my design and the approach to the second level. With this way i believe that I found a more effective way of placing my open spaces inside the enclosed ones.

Here are the drawings and sketches I produced for the final:



Red Light Installations – LA LINEA ROJA

I have found these awesome works while scrolling down on tumblr and fell in love with them at first sight and couldn’t stay away from sharing this inspiring artwork with you. These works called La Linea Roja,  are really stunning and have aesthetic features but beyond it they have a very strong characteristic indicating the correlation between nature and man made objects. The artist Nicholas Rivals make use of the geometrical features of the nature and integrate them with artificial geometrical light sources and eventually obtain impressive frames, differentiated spaces and perspectives.  For more information:

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An Article About Photography and Underwater Photography Contest of 2016

Photography has always been a stunning and interesting subject which is at least once been spotlighted for some time of our lives, became a lifelong passion and addiction for most of us and professionalized by a few of us who can capture the world in a very distinctive and original way. As an amateur I strongly believe that what makes a fantastic photograph is not only about the equipments but more about seeing, more about vision and more about envision, call it as you wish.

As a beginner I was afraid to make changes with the shooting settings and play with some other basic controls like lightening and focusing etc. until I have heartily been stumped by the great effect of modifications in some basic settings. Rather than being stuck in the rules, make your own rules. Thats what makes you an admirable photographer!

What does photography mean to me? I guess apart from the ability of framing the world that you have conceived in your mind, it is about memories that you make last. It is about the people you have encountered and the places you have spent weeks on the way just to photograph and the cultures, languages and all that you haven’t realized about the world until that specific moment. All that you haven’t realized? This was all the voice that I have heard in my mind while I was looking for the submitted photographs for the Underwater Photography Contest. They are all one of a kind with their focus, different lightening conditions and lenses and shows us the underwater world from the visions of the photographer with unique abilities of seeing the world and photographing all those things that you haven’t realized.