I am an Architect

I have a great video to share with you!! 🎥 These guys(two creative architects and contractors from Atlanta) are amazing. They compose their own songs of architecture Here is a very fun (hahahah I am still laughing) video from their collection. You can watch much more under the name of “I am an Architect” series.


A 25 mins Summary of The Architectural Studio

I guess this is the best video I have ever watched about being an architecture student: Archiculture: a documentary film that explores the architectural studio

The 25 minutes video shoots a glance to the life of architecture students and architectural education by the contribution of exclusive interviews with professors and students. The whole video finished quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, so please try to watch it all. I am sure you’re gonna like it! 

The Night Before Prejury

We have had a very hectic night on this Thursday for the last preparations of our coming prejury on Friday. Everyone in the studio was struggling with their models to be finished. There were even ones who have re-started to work on their models at 1:00 am (8 hours before the jury time). While trying to deal with the models we were also so anxious about our presentations (I mean the time that we are gonna be the preys and jury members as hunters).

Here are some scenes from TEDU Architecture Studios. (7 hours before the jury time)

Need some recommendations for your Jury? Check my post on The Void.