“the HOUSE” final proposal

Since the final jury has come, we should be making our designs complete and ready to be presented. During the time since the second preliminary jury, many things changed in my project yet not as dramatic as before. The open circulation spaces were the most challenging part of my design when the climate and air conditions are concerned. In that, the semi enclosed spaces started to dominate my design and the approach to the second level. With this way i believe that I found a more effective way of placing my open spaces inside the enclosed ones.

Here are the drawings and sketches I produced for the final:




The House | Pre-jury I

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog. During this time our project has given, the first pre-jury has passed and we are about to submit our works for the second pre-jury. Let me initiate the stage with the first jury.

The term project of the spring semester is “the house”. Yet unlike many other house projects, we were not assigned with a specific scenario. We did not have a defined character of customers since what the term was expecting is working with references. Like all the other studies we had at the beginning such as quotations, references, collage and such; the process of designing the house should be including all these steps, too. (for the project of this term) This means a lot of research about houses including the architects. Continue reading “The House | Pre-jury I”

“What If?” -sketch problem-

Second semester of second year studio has initiated with an highly impressive sketch problem titled “what if,…” Here is the one that fall to my share:

“What if,
LeCorbusier’s Villa Savoye was made of load bearing walls but no post&lintel”

Initially I aimed to understand the principles of the design approach and qualities of the building. Both post and lintel are actually the main structural elements of Villa Savoye and totally related with the architects approach. Villa Savoye was designed to be a summer house in relation with the surrounding nature -extroverted- . The first level was lifted above the ground level to sustain a continuous, uninterrupted space.This quality was more or less sustained on the second floor with horizontal windows wrapping all four sides, leading to a continuous view of what is behind.
How could this quality be ensured or what would change when load bearing walls become the matter? What comes to my mind when I think of load bearing wall and another designs of Le Corbusier are Continue reading ““What If?” -sketch problem-“