Scaling a Screen?

Our traditional scale studies were initiated with “screen” this term.  Scaling a screen? Multiplying and resizing it! What is the function of a screen? Screen today has a great variety of meanings. A playground, notebook, computer, poster, step and many others whom I cannot imagine now. Yet the scale of a tablet is not comparable with the scale of a billboard screen since they have completely different purposes and requires different dimensions. Furthermore, it is not only the scale changing but the relation between human body and screen as well. Our reactions bodily experiences are also changing according to the changing sizes and functions. Continue reading “Scaling a Screen?”


Shading Elements

This is such a beneficial course for me that after learning about shading systems I, without noticing, started to guess whether its a northern facade or eastern while walking on the street and looking at the buildings around. The shading elements for each facade may differ through weather conditions, the angle of the sun or even in the daytime. Here is a case study of shading systems over Tsinghua University Central Canteen Building.


History of the Site |Eskişehir – Industrial Area

Ass.2_HistoryOfTheSite.jpgHello there! For the second term of the 3rd-year studio, we’re going to be dealing with Industrial Site that was left abandoned within the center of the city of Eskişehir. For this aim, to comprehend the significance of the factories there, their meaning and effect to the lifestyle we initially searched and documented the history of the site with a great support of information from Hüma Tülce’s previous studies. In the attached image you can find about the factories and the transformation of the city in years.

Pre-jury II | PAUSING

Sincerely it has been so hard for us to come to a decision while working on how to place the dwelling, production, and commercial units on the site and how to organize their relationship. According to what? After long days of discussions, we defined squares to create central zones on the site where the commercial and production units are going to be so dense.

Loop_ Prejury2

We initiated this idea by examining the user profiles coming from different directions to the site. So that we designed approaches directing to those squares. According to those analyses, on the square right-hand side, the density of commercial units are planned to be denser than production units while it’s the opposite on the other square.

So that we are aiming to obtain a variety of neighborhood relations by multiplying the activities on the street level.
There are many problems and points that are not designed or thought on yet. That’s why we should now work on 1/200 & 1/100 scales to detail the design and make changes accordingly.