World of Media

Hello readers, this post is going to be different than my everyday content. This is about a communication course, from my secondary field, called “Alternative Media” and I would like to share with you those that interest and enlightened me during the semester.

The world of 21st century belongs to media that rules our minds. Obviously, in today’s Internet age, it is accessible and affordable for anyone that it went through many shapes and forms bringing out alternative media. To be honest, I must confess that as a very passive reader all those I learned are very new to me. I was aware of the fact that there were media sources that are less popular than those we hear every day yet I did not know that they were called “alternative or “critical” media. It is undoubtedly very different than the mainstream media when the production, distribution, and content are considered. As a reader what I used to use was limited to the popular newspapers and their web pages since I used to believe that they are preferred because they are the most trustable ones. However, I learned that there is more of it. Fortunately, now I am aware of the fact that the popularity does not reflect the righteousness of a source since mainstream media is under the influence of many factors such as power relations, advertisements, and individual profits that are affecting the news quality. For sure as conscious readers, we should not judge the quality of the news by classifying them just as mainstream or alternative. For instance, while studying for a class presentation, I came across with some alternative media examples that use inappropriate language and mainstream that speaks against the government. So, it is true that mainstream media is under the control of governments and alternative news media is more flexible and free in that sense, however, things may not be as we generalize all the time, there might be some exceptions. Continue reading “World of Media”


Factory as a Generator of Learning |Preliminary Jury III

Hello again! It has been a very harsh time for me since the second preliminary jury. I went through many trials and errors and in every critics day and I re-did everything from zero each time. To be honest it might be the hardest semester for me cause I still struggle a lot to find my way.

Yet, things are better working compared to the previous jury. I have focused on the program to decide on spatial relations. THE PROGRAM includes ateliers where people work and sell their products and there are workshop spaces for educating the people.

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Sustainability Case Study|Solaris Tower

Another sustainability study. This time it is a case study on the Solaris Tower that was designed to lift the green to the upper levels of the building to increase green area. However, one fact that is very striking is that it was built on an area that was already green before the construction. So that the mentality is really questionable. On the other hand, let’s focus on their attempts on the building to make it sustainable.


Sustainable Design


The sustainable design is something we commonly hear but do not know for real. Up till now, before having this course on building technologies in architecture, I didn’t know much about it and what is worse is that I thought it was only about the use of green. Especially through this assignment in which we were given a specific form of the building and a specific climate condition I had a chance to look for sustainable solutions including natural ventilation, shading, passive heating, and material selection etc. I know that I am very new to it and might miss out many points so please comment your ideas and suggestions. You can find out more on the poster attached.

Factory as A Generator of Learning | Preliminary Jury II

For the second jury, I worked on placing the spaces in a way that they can be a part of the ground. However, I was missing to deal with the program. The interrelation between the program and spaces was not clear and the effect of those spaces on the topography was very arbitrary, to be honest.
But the very main problem was that I could not make decisions on the site scale so that everything I did seemed to be random. Although this jury was a real disappointment for me at least I know the points that I should focus. Since I do not have the model with me now, I will upload a foto of it later.

Factory as a Generator of Learning |Preliminary Jury I

The first jury of the term has just passed and here you can follow my progress up to now.


The “What if” studies helped me a lot to find a tool to apply my ideas to the site.


After the critics now I am focusing on my playground idea in a manner that it works with the grid of the structural system of the warehouse building. So, the playground is actually the play of surface. In short what I am doing is about the movement on the surface. After the critics, I can say that I better do not exaggerate the dimensions of the spaces or the masses, that occur with the play of surfaces, since they should not dominate the warehouse.