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An Article About Photography and Underwater Photography Contest of 2016

Photography has always been a stunning and interesting subject which is at least once been spotlighted for some time of our lives, became a lifelong passion and addiction for most of us and professionalized by a few of us who can capture the world in a very distinctive and original way. As an amateur I strongly believe that what makes a fantastic photograph is not only about the equipments but more about seeing, more about vision and more about envision, call it as you wish.

As a beginner I was afraid to make changes with the shooting settings and play with some other basic controls like lightening and focusing etc. until I have heartily been stumped by the great effect of modifications in some basic settings. Rather than being stuck in the rules, make your own rules. Thats what makes you an admirable photographer!

What does photography mean to me? I guess apart from the ability of framing the world that you have conceived in your mind, it is about memories that you make last. It is about the people you have encountered and the places you have spent weeks on the way just to photograph and the cultures, languages and all that you haven’t realized about the world until that specific moment. All that you haven’t realized? This was all the voice that I have heard in my mind while I was looking for the submitted photographs for the Underwater Photography Contest. They are all one of a kind with their focus, different lightening conditions and lenses and shows us the underwater world from the visions of the photographer with unique abilities of seeing the world and photographing all those things that you haven’t realized.