Hello again!

Long time no see. Some time off was plenty much needed after the busy and sleepless semester. So, I am sorry for being away for too long.
A very snowy winter holiday is about to come to an end[:(], yet I am excited for the new architecture studio waiting us. Our university (TEDU) is going to welcome its architecture students in a new building which is just across the street of the main campus. To be honest, even though I always complain about how tiring to be an architecture student is, I really missed my coffee scented studio nights and can’t wait to make the new studio smell like a coffee shop. Plus, what is nice about changing the studio is that you have a new place to redesign. (Yey!) I am really excited for that!

I will be with you more often here on my blog starting from this week with my architecture school projects, writings on art and artists. Enjoy winter!


Going Back in Time: China

I was looking for some photos from 3 years before when I was in China. It is one of the most significant incidents of my life since we (me and my twin sister) went there alone when we were just 15. I am in love with the culture of far east: bamboos, architecture of Asian houses, traditional clothes, foods and almost everything you can think of and this feeling pushed me to share this fascinating experience with you.

A brief information about the cities that I have been to;

Beijing is the capital of Peoples Republic of China where the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and more are located. It is the second largest city of China after Shanghai.

Chengdu, namely hometown of Pandas, is the capital of Sichuan province with a very old history and the city where we spent most of our time. We may call it as the most green city of the country.

Songpan is another town situated in the Sichuan province. It is one of the small cities where Tibetans live.

For more about Chinese architecture please check the post “Spirit of Chinese Architecture” on The Void.

A 25 mins Summary of The Architectural Studio

I guess this is the best video I have ever watched about being an architecture student: Archiculture: a documentary film that explores the architectural studio

The 25 minutes video shoots a glance to the life of architecture students and architectural education by the contribution of exclusive interviews with professors and students. The whole video finished quicker than you can say Jack Robinson, so please try to watch it all. I am sure you’re gonna like it! 

Prejury [On Air]

Here are some scenes from our pre-jury.Sorry for the quality of the images. Lightning conditions were trying to have fight with me. These photos were taken by the parts remained from me after this fight. 😥😅