Collage: Mondrian theme

A collage work made by superimposing both my 2.4 model and its axonometric drawing. I used coloring for emphasizing the strong relations that are occurred after juxtaposing. Continue reading “Collage: Mondrian theme”


Font Styles

What is font?
A font is a specialized typeface in terms of weight, size and style. They can be categorized into three groups: those with serif, those without serif and scripts.

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Axonometric drawing

Sincerely, i like axonometric drawing a lot. Orthographic drawing became boring after being acquainted with it. I like the 3D effect that occurs after raising the lines from the orthographic plan of the top view. Since we were assigned to work with two different types of drawing, one of them was colored to be easily distinguished. (I colored the orthographic.)

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Orthographic Projection

All my weekend!! I spent all my weekend to submit this orthographic projection on time. Guess what I learned in the morning of Monday(submission day)? My side views were wrong which means I had to draw one more till 4 pm. I had re-drew it already for 2 times and it made 3 with the one I drew on Monday. Result? Learning orthographic drawing better? Becoming faster? Perhaps, but more than those things now I hate can openers! Anyways, here is the orthographic projection drawing of mine with the feedback from my instructors.

(Unlike my previous drawings this time I managed to use tracing paper so that it was the relatively cleaner than all the others.)

Collage (Hard copy)

It has been a while since I’ve made this collage however, because it is a hard copy, I had to scan for uploading to my computer and it took (a long) time. I have worked with the same image that I used in the previous collage assignment. However, this time I was assigned to use a text, too. While making I concentrated on the alignment condition between the pieces that I cut away from both image and text. Additionally, I considered the regulating lines both the text and the image have in themselves.