Change Climate Change | Final Jury



Change Climate Change | Pre – Jury

Even though it is the second jury of the semester this represents the fırst jury of the project in Ankara Stream. Since the site is 200.000 square meters the focus of the studio and the details of the project remains on an urban scale.

My aim for the stream area, right behind Ankamall, is to connect green and water through water farming to enhance leisure activities in this district. You can find the detailed analysis and proposal on the poster below.


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Hello there! After all the research on climate change and sustainability both in architectural and social sense, we have now came to find out the site. We have searched through several areas that are ecologically problematic, in Ankara.  Those are including the Ankara Stream, Nallihan and Ulus area.

Since Nallıhan is far from the city and its scale is too large for this project it is eliminated. The instructors have choosen 3 areas out of the suggestions came from the class and of them is the Ankara Stream that we suggested.

After this time we initiated our study about the stream.The stream starts from Çubuk and continues all the way to Sincan district. However, for this term project, we analyzed only the Akköprü-Etimesgut line.

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The land use around this area is mainly based on the military zones, industry and the residential spaces dominant around the Atatürk Forest Farm (AOÇ).

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Plus, the transportation line here is a significant datum, especially for the factories. The railway is almost fully parallel to the stream throughout the line.

Natural Land Form.jpg

*The visuals represented here belongs to a group of 15 people who studied “Ankara Stream” (Not the whole data). I was involved to a group of 4 people (me, Dilara Özlü, Doruk Atay, Behice Özer) who were responsible from the land use properties.


A Case Study | One Tower

This is a case study aiming to understand the sustainable factors for a building design and a critisim on whether they do sustain or not.
The buildns is named as  One Tower Diplomatique located in Oran, Ankara.

This is a case study aiming to understand the sustainable factors for building designs and a criticism on whether they sustain or not.
The building is called One Tower Diplomatique and located in Oran, Ankara. It has residential and commercial facilities and approved as a green building. What we found out for sustainability are actually not directly about the design decisions but the technological and technical methods. However, there are some design decisions as well. One of them is that the building is located to face the wind from the shorter edge. Second, the shadow of the tower does not shade the roof lightning of the commercial area since it is the main light source for the commercial spaces.

You can find all the other data of our research here in the attached image.

Change Climate Change | dwelling minimum

For the first term of the fourth year studio, we are dealing with the climate change issue as I mentioned in the previous post and initiated with a small scale exercise. We were assigned to decide an extreme climate condition where a desired social structure -single, familial or communal- dwells minimum. Besides, the most significant consideration is about the sustainability of the environment, energy, food and water sources, and living standards.
As an addition, we should consider the architectural approaches discussed in groups. Our approach is “lightness” yet, it is not a lightness in terms of the weight of structural elements, but flexibility.
My scenario takes time in the near future. Because of the global warming climatic conditions all over the world start to deform to an arid climate where drought spreads to more lands.

dwelling minimum_nilaykaraköy
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IV. Year Studio and Climate Change


I never wished to be a senior student since it means the end of undergraduate years. However, it makes me feel more confident and now its time to think of my next plans.

Besides, the fourth-year studio is about architectural responses to Climate Change. But before going into architecture stuffs it is always better to first comprehend what we are dealing with and that is climate change. Here is the slide of our presentation as a group (Behice Özer, Dilara Özlü, Gültekin Doruk Atay, Nilay Karaköy) Continue reading “IV. Year Studio and Climate Change”