Spatial Relations // Collage

After producing our diagrams (check my previous post for more) we were assigned to create a single collage including the diagrams of all 4 members of our groups. The point is that collage must be reflecting the keywords which can be the common ones of four of us or a new one. Continue reading “Spatial Relations // Collage”


Spatial Experience // Diagram

Wow! I think it was an enjoyable start to the second term course of Basics of Design, namely Introduction to Architectural Design. We were given a list of movies to work on spatial experience. Plus, we were divided into gruops of 4 to work on. Among the list which is consisting movies such as: Inception, Taxi driver, Fifth Element, Gravity, Schindler’s List, Clockwork Orange, Terminal … we have decided on “Truman Show.”

Afterwards, we were assigned to chose a moment from the movie of our choice and then examine the qualities of the experience of space to be depicted as a diagram in the light of keywords that we have specified for the chosen scene.


Here you see the ‘print screen’ of the moment that I have chosen from the Truman Show:


Here are the diagrams that I have worked on:

And my final diagram after the discussion hour and critics.

“(Draft)Final diagram”