What if? Revision

I should confess that I misunderstood the what if question at first. In my first trial of What If? I was trying to show the differences when load bearing walls used in Villa Savoye and said related it to some other works of Le Corbusier. However I chaned it totlly that it was not Villa Savoye anymore. So this time I tried to understand how it could still be Vila Savoye with only load bering walls but no post and lintel.

If go back to my analysis on Villa Savoye, it has all the five rules of Le Corbusier. The free plan was helping him to lift the box above ground and creating a continuity of the nature at the ground level.


If we use load bearing walls how can we still have these properties? I had some research about load bearing wall structures and tried to save the features of Villa Savoye with load bearing walls.

These are some sort of openings that I have with load bearing walls. It does not let me to make large openings or large spaces like in Villa Savoye but with the frequent use of them I may provide more or less similar qualities. So that I will also be breaking the introverted condition of load bearing walls.f.jpg

This was the idea I ended up with. With the frequent use of narrow windows I can provide the large vista condition of Villa Savoye. Of course they will be sequenced in an horizontal organisation cover the same are of original windows.
For the ground level, again I used vertical openings taller than the windows in the same size with Villa Savoye’s pillars. So that I was trying to create the continuation of vista and space in the ground level, too. But we all know that the effect is not as strong as the one with pillars.

And the great lightning condition of Villa Savoye could be more or less provided with the frequency of aligned windows and of course with the terrace that would still remain in the new Savoye with load bearing walls. Furthermore the new facade would lead to more of shade and shadow games in the building.

The interior will also be using the same method for openings on the walls. They will not be completely a wall but will also serve as windows for obtaining the transparent condition within the building. It is clear that the level of transparency will be diminished in contrast to the original building that uses glasses but this would be clearly better than using the wall as it is.


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