Direct Quoting in Architecture

Architecture is a concept that can easily be translated through many different subjects since it consists many concerns and solutions for several problems related to human. It can also be translated within itself, too. We observe several references from other works of architecture that are brought together to create a new thing. This should not be understood as plagiarism. Architecture is not totally about dreaming or high imagination. What makes it original is the re-interpretation of references for a new composition.
Direct quoting is something new I learned. The first example that I can think of is the Villa Dall’ava case. One of its facade is almost the exact one of Villa Savoye. The architect directly quotes a thing (this could be a staircase, a form, a window etc.) from another work and puts it in his own work. Of course there should always be a reason for the selection of this quotation. It should be working for your work,too. Think it like a quotation in a text. The original source can be talking about somewhere else but the part you quote can be working very well for your content, too.


For my design I believe that the Double House had a very matching approach. The Double House is famous for interlocking two separate dwelling volumes in one single form. The architect does not separate the box in two parts from the half directly but uses a form that can provide larger living rooms for both families. With this method architect turns something negative into positive and show the unity when two different things (two living volumes) become together in a harmony.

double house line.jpg
Here you see my direct quotation from the Double House I lined the parts that are not visible, in photoshop to make it clear for you.
A diagram showing the division line where the combination of two different elements is stronger. QUOTED from the Double House

Since my diagram model also a thing that is showing what happens when two different material starts to relate themselves to each other in the peak of the process, I thought that using the separation line of the Double House can have a contribution in a way that it increases the relation of two elements and riches the spatial continuity. Plus the red color was helping to dominate the peak as the yellow line in my 2d revised collage.

The new volumes helps to relate two different materials more.



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