3d diagram – Revised

In my first 3d diagram, I realized that I did not considered the lack of the afterwards idea of aging problem. I mostly had a similar language with my previous model however added new information to it.

I stated to analyse the attack of aging as a period in relation with my other phrase “orienting the peak”. My first impression about the attack of aging was negative. But since I started to look at it as s period I discovered new things. What would happen when the material did not lose its character but starts to adapt itself?3.jpg

I analysed this process basically in 3 steps. At the first step material and nature has their own language but they are in a harmony since a design should also be considering about its surroundings. 6.jpg At the second step of aging both material and nature starts to react each other. For instance in Yuppie Ranch House, a part of its facade was made of wood and when wood started to transform itself it starts to relate itself to the surrounding vegetation of trees and leads to a continuation in material. This can provide the continuation of a space in house at the outer space. In this point the process makes it’s own peak and provides richer relations and harmony of a building with it’s surroundings. I created spaces to obtain this 3d diagram because the space definition was one of the common things of my case study houses. In may of them the architects were trying not to interrupt spaces and obtain a high continuity. I used it to indicate the peak in my model.

Yellow planes showing the new relations -hinges- for the increased continuation of space. The continuity of space was increased in this part of the model and decreased in through the ends to dominate the peak

At the final stage the material loses its own character through aging and space definitions become weaker. It becomes harder to recognize the material, but surroundings.7.jpg The change is not that dramatic but in Double House, the material of the facade was a dark black and red like color when it was first built and it was differing itself and making itself a lot more visible through its different color, however now due to the deformation on the material the color is now like a lighter red. A really close color of the building stands near it. This situation diminishes its the effect of its strong being.

 Lets look at to the other decisions of the 3d diagram:
3d diagram.jpg
In Slow House the most significant case is the vista provided through a large glass on one facade and orientation through the vista was provided through a hierarchical change. The space that faces the vista more has a larger space than others and the other space gets smaller as they go away from the vista. I used this hierarchy to indicate the peak in my model and used bigger elements in the middle.

Plus, the material which is corrugated cardboard has a thickness greater than the black element bu the thickness decreases when the material & attack starts to react each-other to show that the adaptation has started. You can easily see this deformation form the images above.

I also made a 2d diagram in the process of making my model which is as shown below showing the integration of attack and material:


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