Collage work – Revised

Revised collage 1.jpg

Since we passed to modelling after the first collage work, I started to study both of my phrases in relation and that hanged something. That’s why I felt the need of revising my collage according to my new ideas about the concept.

Phrases of mine: Dodging the attack (aging) + Orienting the peak

My initial collage was classifying the buildings according to their material quality. Those can resist aging and those cannot. Yet, after some research I realized that the attack of aging is something irresistible. Only things that change from material to material is the duration of aging process. Then I started to analyse this process and its effects on a house concept, through my case studies.

I analysed this process basically in 3 steps. At the first step material and nature has their own language but they are in a harmony since a design should also be considering about its surroundings. At the second step of aging both material and nature starts to react each other. For instance in Yuppie Ranch House, a part of its facade was made of wood and when wood started to transform itself it starts to relate itself to the surrounding vegetation of trees and leads to a continuation in material. This can provide the continuation of a space in house at the outer space. In this point the process makes it’s own peak and provides richer relations and harmony of a building with it’s surroundings. At the final stage the material loses its own character through aging and space definitions become weaker. It becomes harder to recognize the material, but surroundings. The cahnge is not that dramatic but in Double House, the material of the facade was a dark black and red like color when it was first built and it was differing itself and making itself a lot more visible through its different color, however now due to the deformation on the material the color is now like a lighter red. A really close color of the building stands near it. This situation diminishes its the effect of its strong being.

The orienting the peak idea of mine remained the same (the most significant part of a house, this can be a staircase, a wall, a space etc.) however this time I also tried to analyse the peak in the process of aging.



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