3d Diagram

Our examination about the given case houses is not done yet. After the 2d collage work, we are now supposed to produce a 3d collage (a diagrammatic model) based on our analyses on the houses in combination with the phrases given (mine are “dodging the attack” + “orienting the peak”).

Initially I tried to consider both of my phrases in relation. This was a point that was missing in my 2d collage. Dodging the attack and orienting the peak. I have already chosen an attack which is aging, yet I later noticed that I didn’t think about how to dodge it. That’s why I re-considered it.

Aging was something negative for me that causes to a weakness in the characteristic of a material. But later on when I was trying to connect it with my other phrase, a new idea emerged. At first the material and its nature are two different things. Some designs do try to relate them with the nature which means that the design considers its surroundings like the Eames house or Dutch house of Rem Koolhaas. However, from my point of view they still have their own language even though they coact. In time when the material starts to age like the Yuppie Ranch House+Barn, it blends itself into nature. I was considering something negative but then I discovered that since the material was becoming a part of nature the definition of space was changing. As an addition to the spaces within the houses there emerges some others outside the house when the continuation of a material is ensured then it dodges the attack and this becomes the peak of its aging period. 

Let’s look at the 3d diagram now.

Here on the diagram the left (yellow) part represents the initial steps of aging and through the right (grey) part, the material transforms and gets in relation with nature. The transformation of an element was indicated with the changing width of corrugated cardboard. The black cardboard is the representation of another material which is nature here. Black lines are there to be expressing the strength of space definition and showing the orientation through the peak.

Since the continuation of space is something common in many of the houses of my list I tried to use it as a matter, too. At first the spaces are also defined and continuous but two different materials doesn’t provide so much to the definition  of space. I mean they have their own language and doesn’t really care about each other. However with the transformation of material the two material start to know each other and start making more defined and uninterrupted spaces, plus there occurs some other relation types like hinges. That makes the peak of the model.
Another thing that I decided is to dominate the peak by playing with the dimensions of the planes I use. This idea came from the Slow House in which the hierarchy is used to orient people through the most significant space of the whole organisation, the peak of the design.

Aging starts
Later steps of aging, new relations occur (hinges)
Later steps of aging, new relations occur (hinges) + more defined continuous spaces


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