Collage work

Collage work! One that I like the most!
After the “what if” and relievo studies, we were assigned to work on a group of houses and produce a collage with some phrases that were given to us arbitrarily. Let me show you the list of houses first with the keywords.

Le Corbusier, Villa Stein / France 1927
Richard Neutra, Kaufmann House / Californa 1946
Charles and Ray Eames, Eames House / LA, California 1926
MVRDV, Double House / Utrecht 1997
Nevzat Sayın, Yahşibey Evleri 1-7, İzmir 1996-2006
Rem Koolhaas, OMA, Dutch House / Netherlands 1995
Aires Mateus, House in Azeitao / Portugal 2003
ELASTICOSPA + 3, Yuppie Ranch House+Barn / Italy, 2004

My Phrases: Orienting the Peak & Dodging the Attack

While researching all the houses I tried to understand the architect’s intention and design approaches and then I noticed that  was also listing some keywords for myself while taking notes. After I was done with the research, it was time to analyze the phrases assigned to me.

Orienting the Peak: Orienting the peak? A peak? I first questioned it. What is a peak? Actually it was matching up with the some keywords that I listed such as core circulation, centrality and focus. They were all the features that are very significant for the house they belong to. So this peak idea did not turned out to be related with level difference as coming from its original meaning, but something that is very crucial about the the houses. Such as in the Kaufmann House  the center space is a way different than others. It’s very legible in the plan drawing that all the other spaces were organized around it and one must be passing from there to pass through one space to another. Plus, in Yuppie Ranch House a ramp is the core of circulation that provides access to all rooms, that makes it the heart of design, the peak of design.
Another case is the Slow House which provides a very dramatic effect of vista and totally oriented through this condition. So that it was something that was already orienting itself through a peak.

Dodging the attack: Than what about dodging the attack? defending yourself from an attack?! How can this relate itself to a space definition or an architectural intent? What came to my mind at first were about structural problems or natural issues that can be attack. However there was something that took my attention a lot in the Yuppie Ranch House is that it was made of materials that can age quickly and blend in nature. That was striking. Double House was also made of a material that deforms in time. So, I took “aging” as an attack and analysed it as something negative in terms of the identity of a material.  In the right part of the collage I tried to emphasize that those which cannot resist on this attack becomes one with its surroundings in time and loses its characteristic and the opposite condition at the left side. ass03_nilay-karakoy

I analyzed the phrases separately, now in the second step of this analyses I will try to integrate them. I’m sure something new or something I didn’t notice will appear

The horizontality, continuity and rhythm were the keywords that I obtained from most of the houses above and tried to integrate them to the design of my collage.


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