Structural Members & Hyperbolic Paraboloid

To be honest, as an architect to be, I was not enough interested with the structure lectures however it started to become appealing to me recently. Because of my lack of interest I was afraid of graduating without knowing anything about it, yet fortunately all this fear is about to vanish into thin air. As a reflection of these feelings I really want to share our model with you guys.

We made the to show beams, columns and braces of a structure. What do they work for? How is their arrangement?  What are their relations?  We did considered these matter on the making process.

In addition, here is the hyperbolic paraboloid that we made as an in-class activity. I really share the idea that making something or touching is always better than seeing or hearing to understand or comprehend 3D constructions. So I can strongly say that it made all the lecture long lasting for me.

Hyperbolic paraboloids are easy to construct since they can me made by straight structural members. The form itself has a strong structural performance besides reducing the material costs. The curved form decrease the roofs tendency to buckle under compression unlike a flat slab and since it has two directions to be supported there does not appears any bending.


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