The -ish

After our analyses at Uçhisar and Zelve and after the process of working with variations of spaces and spatial conditions, our new assignment was related to architectural elements.

Architectural elements and their role in spatial composition in which they can work multi-functional, was our main focus. How can a window be a corridor, too? or Can an opening be neither a window nor a corridor? I worked on some possibilities and variations of these kind of cases.

The opening on the top is not like a usual opening for a window taking the light in but not providing a visual relation. Besides the space that the wall separates is not in a proper size for human body. So they both create a space where it is neither a corridor nor a window, something we call window-ish.
Here are some other variations of this corridor like window-ish case:

Window-ish A very tiny corridor which a human cannot pass through but taking the light in without a window like opening on the wall.
In this case the window-ish space and opening is providing visual relation unlike previous ones.


The -ish condition is working with different human scales this time. The pit like space is providing both visual relation and physical access. However physical access here is valid only if you are in the height of  a child. So the yellow colored area becomes both space and the gap above might become either a door or window through changing human scales.

On the continuation of the space there is difference in the height so the space can bu used for any human scale. And the space would be differentiated from each other and acting as two different space in one single space. Here the experience is completely different then the one in which it is a wall which separates the spaces.

Over here, the lined opening both on the wall and ceiling becomes a light source and en element ensuring visual relation. Since the wall in so more like a usual wall which blocks the view It becomes wall-ish.







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