A Brief Examination of The Salt Lake & Initial approaches and suggestions

Through our examinations in the Salt Lake, I went over some ideas that will bring solutions to the existing problems (negative points for my interpretation) and those of positive factors that i would want to highlight.

Since these are the most initial sketches of mine and due to my lack of time, i will be uploading more tomorrow, hold on!


salt lake1-wind.jpg

Effect of the wind is really strong and turns out to be an obstruction for the movement in the Salt Lake. For the first step I considered it as something that I would want to break and brought up some solutions such as

  • increasing the amount of natural elements that would block the wind
  • or, creating some little hills to be blocking the wind again.



salt-lake2-slope-conditionIn our second destination of the Salt Lake, access from the road to the lake is differentiated with a hight difference and sustained by an highly inclined ground. The ramp remarkably restrict the access to the lake and makes it a negative point i would want to alter with a declined level of slope.



All through the road surrounding the lake, there is a settlement which allows visitors to enter the lake and you sat–tart examining the lake from one single point. Orientation of the lake both in the morning and evening is a single pointal orientation just with a tiny difference in the positioning of that point. However that might be a fact I would rather to change by adding some new gate-like settlemnts around to experience the site from diverse points.


On the way to the horizon the intense flatness and reflections of the white ground give the sense of walking in an endless area where there is no time in which you loose all your sensation of time. To avoid it, making some pit like indicators where the visitors can play with salty and watery texture would help to grasp the distance and evaluate the time we spent.


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