Examination of Topography and Human Experience

Main topic of this week in architectural studio was how topography can effect or alter human experiences and its positive and negative aspects. Below are some sketches through observations of mine.


First, slope of a region is almost the most effective one since it defines whether you can pass through the inclined path or not likely, can anyone pass through it or not (because of the fact that physical conditions of an adult, an elder and a child are not similar)


Secondly, the height is very crucial at a point that it defines your sight and your own visibility. More clearly, in a pit you decrease your own visibility as well as your vista.


Additionally, there are some naturally composed areas by some natural elements. Such as the one on the illustration. Trees may block us to go beyond it sometimes or as shown due to their shadows the area compose a difference zone where people would refer to stay.

physical conditions.jpg

Finally, mountains or huge hills may block sunlight or heavy winds which can end up with both being a pleasure or an irritating condition for humans.  One way or another, they would be defining some spaces which are differing from those at the same level or not.


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