Diagram Trials

Besides our second model which I will upload on my blog very soon, I have went through some other ways of indicating my ideas on how the bodily experiences change by the fact of different spatial organizations.

First I have listed the factors that we are taking as our criteria and my examinations through them:

Section and top view drawings belongs to our new model however it would be better for you to understand how we analyzed those observations on the left.

Bold lines: possible direction opportunities (if it is much thickness increases)
Positioning: How the space is experienced “bigger than it is? Smaller than it is? or as it is?”
Frequency: Speed
(I will be clarifying these in detail in the next post)

Here is a diagram of the condition “How we experience the size of the space through changing number of people”
In both conditions showed with different colors (green: too many people, red: few people) it is examined in two different sized spaces. The result is, as long as the number of people increase, the space is sensed smaller than it’s original dimension. On the contrary, with decreasing number of people, it is thought to be bigger than it’s actual dimensions.diagram.jpg

It is all for today however it seems like I will be dealing with this diagrammatic notations more, since it helps me a lot as much at it eases my job for reflecting my ideas.



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