Abstracting “White U” from Toyo Ito [draft model]

As a group of four people we were assigned to make an abstract model of White U from Toyo Ito. It’s a U shaped house designed for a mother and her two daughters to live in. Since every surfaces of the building is white, it’s called as “White U”.

The relation of the building to the outside world is nearly completely restricted. However, there is almost no rapture inside it. So that we have considered that there is transparent situation inside the complex. Secondly light is a very important element for the purpose of White U, that’s why we took it as a factor to use in the model.

To work on light condition we have played with the density of the layers. And for the aim of indicating that transparent situation which is very dominant in the curved area of the structure, we have used framed elements.

Here is our draft model:


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