SEED + FİELD [pre-jury]

After the production of our field models we were supposed to inject seeds into our fields. We chose an area from both layers of our fields to be used while injecting the seed. Fields were loaded with the information of districts and seeds were made for the creation of spaces. So, these two different approaches came together to study on spatial relations.(Wow!)

While studying I used to start with producing the fields first and than adding the planes of my seed according to the field. However this method didn’t work well and resulted in my seed to be distributed into the field and loose it’s unity.  Then the method of working with the seed first and than putting the fields according to it gave rise to much more opportunities and provided a more related seed model in the layers of the field.

While doing this both the seed and field layers have transformed a lot. The information in the layers of the field shaped itself with the positions of the seed planes and spaces defined within the seed. Additionally, the seed did not remained the same. The spaces has increased with the help of the field and the distance between the elements of the seed has differed according to the positioning of the field layers.

After a long speech of my model making process I would like to introduce you my field+seed model. Here it is:


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