The Seed: Working on creating spaces through keywords

‘Seed’ is the topic of our new assignment series which is about spatial relations. We have started with constructing our seeds which are consist of approximate 10 elements. First, i have started to create my seed by trying to define spaces with triangular elements. While creating those spaces my strategy was to make spaces which are both open and close inside and I give effort to sustain continuity between those spaces. However, we were restricted with a certain angle (90) between the elements those touch to each other. Since it was a tiring trial, I have added an additional type of elements which are in the geometry of  parallelogram.  Below you can check what it looks like:

Later on, we were assigned to work with the extreme conditions of our keywords. Triangles were remaining their difficulty and my first extreme trial was about to break the continuity that I have spent hours on and I have spent hours (again) to break it. Every model trial takes time. I have no problem with it. I can spend hours on it however I was not able to achieve satisfactory results with triangle. So that I have changed my elements to rectangular ones. I hope that I can have a chance to work with triangles but “Goodbye” for now!


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