The seed goes on with the extreme models. This time we assigned to work the extremes of our keywords. As I mentioned in my previous post I have changed my initial elements and started to work with rectangular ones. I have faced some struggles again, for sure. I was working with triangles for a time and it was not easy to work on rectangles at first. First I have revised my “seed” model and I have changed my keyword. Wanna hear the new one?  “Flow of interlocking spaces” Here it is:

the seed revised 1.jpg

It was time to work with my extremes. In my first extreme I wanted to increase the level of flow of interlocking spaces. Parallelograms helped me a lot to provide this feature.

However, my second extreme was more challenging for me. To break the flow was not that easy.  I have spent more time on this model rather than others. Here you see:


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