Creative accounts to follow on INSTAGRAM

BeFunky Design copy

I know that instagram is used by some weird people to share what day do hourly in a day  or to show off about the things they bought or some use it just because it is a very practical way to stalk some others but it is growing beyond that.

Instagram has become a great sharing network for those who want to publish their interests, craftsmanship, and photography skills. So that it became a source for me to get inspired and explore more artists and variant areas of interests from all over the world. Below are some awesome accounts that i have been following on Instagram and wanted to share some of them with you guys.

If you are in love with illustrations and graphic design like me, you better don’t miss these accounts:

  • toolkit04 >>He is my favorite among all the others. I like the soft touches on his charcoals.
  • kessedjian >>She is creating colorful child-like characters
  • alyssamees >>I am goıing to be publishing an article about her 😉 keep in touch!
  • furrylittlepeach >>The water colors are arousing all the good feelings inside you. Especially for those who likes animal illustratins
  • spoiltbytes >>expressive hand writings

For those who are interested in photography and art:

  • chrisconnolly
  • cerealmag
  • nannigabrielle
  • designsponce
  • hey_judes
  • bicyclesoftheworld >> bike addicts

Are you a food and pastery lover? Check these out!

  • offeastandfield
  • maggydaisy

>>> I would be so happy to hear some suggestions from you if there exists some users that you really appreciate and want to share. 

(Photo used for the featured image is taken by “fictivefingers”)




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