Comoro: 2.5 + final model & poster

I am back with the last two steps of our comoro[64] adventure. Here are

  • 2.5  &
  • 2.6 :Jury Model

Before the final phase we were assigned to work with scale and stretch operations. to discover the capabilities of scaling up and down, plus increasing our aptitude of making stronger relations by stretching. To be honest it was more challenging for me to work with scale&stretch instead of tear&fold. I had to push myself more but I guess that was because of the limited time that we had compared to tear and fold process.  Wanna see what came in view?

Later comes 2.6, the most compelling one ever since we had to use all four operations that we have faced so far by using the library of relations in any previous step of our choice. (Mine one 2.2)Tear and fold + scale and stretch. We were familiar with all these applications but have never tried to use them all in one single complex. I am not sure how many times I changed my mind and re-started. After a while I have noticed that forgetting about all I have done and Going back to the beginning was a mistake and wasting time. So, I re-observed all little trial models I have produced and ended up with the model you see below.

On the contrary to my previous strategies this time I work with a new one called “directionality” which I have inspired from my Mondrian themed collage.

Since this final step is our jury project there should be a poster including our process, strategy and drawings, right?
Here is …

final poster NILAY KARAKOY.jpg


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