Font Styles

What is font?
A font is a specialized typeface in terms of weight, size and style. They can be categorized into three groups: those with serif, those without serif and scripts.


In typography serif is described by the line linked to the end of strokes in a letter and typefaces without serif are called sans-serif. Serif is considered as an old style type however sans indicates modernity. Since sans is more simple and far from unnecessary additions, this kind of a statement is inevitable.

Scripts are the ones which are free from the rules of serif and sans. It can be thought as a digital version of handwriting. Unlike sans and serif, scripts can be connecting letters.

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There are numerous font styles and even the ones in the same font family, vary in themselves.  Since they all have their own characteristics how they are going to be used is associated with these characteristic features of each font style. No one can expect Bauhaus to use a serif font style in its posters since there exist sans-serif which is more simple and relatively more geometrical than serif and close to the ideas of Bauhaus.

Font styles that we encounter in everyday life they are not there just because the designer likes it more, they are there because they perfect the design.

Here are some examples of font types in architecture and design.




Photo references:




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