Comoro goes on

Long time has passed since I posted about our comoro assignment. No worry! I am back with my new models. This post is going to be handling the following models ;

  • revised model of 2.2 
  • 2.3
  • 2.4 (pre-jury model)

Lets give it a start with the revised model of my 2.2 model. *You can have a look at my previous steps here. Since my 2.2 model was not consistent enough I have made some differences on my diagram and modified my model according to it. But before that I changed my unit and increased the number of elements in one unit to three. 

What comes next is 2.3. I used the same diagram as a reference for 2.3 model. This time we were assigned to change the size of one element in our units. What I realized is that diagram started to include more lines which refer to relation, which means I was kinda good at using the ability of new re-sized elements.
[Change in size: 3×6 ➡ 3×9]


Then, it comes to TEAR AND FOLD!  Our pre-jury assignment! 2.4 was so much different than all previous stages. As it can be understood from its name we were supposed to tear and fold the teared piece of our elements in units. I have started with possible tear and fold operations to see what I can do with them and produced numerous of trial models consisting 3 or 4 units. This helped me a lot!

Although I have had many trials I couldn’t achieve to finish it earlier. As me, many of my friends smelled the lamps that night. (You can read more about our hectic night before pre-jury here).

Here is my 2.4 model:


If you are interested check my post `Surviving with architecture school juries` on The Void.






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