Axonometric drawing

Sincerely, i like axonometric drawing a lot. Orthographic drawing became boring after being acquainted with it. I like the 3D effect that occurs after raising the lines from the orthographic plan of the top view. Since we were assigned to work with two different types of drawing, one of them was colored to be easily distinguished. (I colored the orthographic.)

However, seems like I have attractiveness for all kind of troubles. I had to work with 70×100 cm of paper, because of the sizes of my model. The problem is to be have to use it vertically. Drawing tables in the studio doesn’t let me to work on it vertically and the solution that I found is totally tragicomic. I taped the remaining part of the paper to my friend’s table. 😀 And since the upper part of my paper was empty too much compared to the bottom (after drawing is done) I had to locate my name to the top to equal the the gaps from two sides. Guess how I achieved it! Here is the answer. ⬇⬇⬇


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