Regulating Lines

In architectural design, shapes are often constructed by some graphic context which is in a very basic level done by some abstract organizational instruments, like axes, grids, and regulating (or construction) lines.  Almost all of Le Corbusier’s works was conducted by the use of regulating lines “les tracés régulateurs” as he mention in the book Towards an Architecture.


Although his words are so sharp and I don’t like this kind of a statement, I can’t keep myself from agreeing to the quote attributed to him “Mathematics is the majestic structure conceived by man to grant him comprehension of the universe.”  This is exactly what we observe in the use of regulating lines and proportion.  As expected from a purist architect, he works with the most abstract, the most pure and the most simple tool of even primitive man: regulating lines! On the contrary to what the architects of his time defend, he was a proponent of the use of measurements in relation with regulating lines which fetches up with apparent and clear rhythms existing even at the very entity of human nature.I guess this idea led him to come up with the concept of modular which is later on used as a layout in a number of buildings of Le Corbusier.

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