The keyword of our last assignment was “superimpose”.
What did we do by using the word “superimpose”?

We were tasked to “superimpose” the acetate printouts of our first and second models in any way we want. For deciding on the directions of that two printouts, I focused on to increase the variety of the relation types in the superimposed image. My subsequent step was … … tracing paperr!! (I really like to work with that)

BeFunky Collage8

On the sketch I detected different types of relations and colored them. What I did after that was assembling the planes in a way which creates the relations that I defined on the sketch. The part that I struggled the most was showing the relations of intersecting three lines. Since we were allowed to place the planes only in perpendicular position, it was hard to show that relation of three lines and what I have found is shown in the second image. Following, I repeated this step for showing the repetition and added some other planes to show the relations at the intersection point of two lines and aligned them with triangular shaped plane. BeFunky Collage9


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