Deep into Abstraction

Abstraction. Now I know that there is no way of escaping from this word and I should make peace with it.

BeFunky Collage4Our following assignment was again about abstracting an image but this time we were restricted with choosing one from the given five images. And the middle one was the image of my choice.
I started with defining the planes in the picture and went through sketching step. Making some sketches is a very useful method for me to decide on what to do before giving a start to phase of modeling.

BeFunky Collage5Next, I started to cut my 1 mm corrugated cardboard and many things has changed in my sketch in the process of making the model. Additionally, it is much more easier to work with 1 mm rather than 2 mm. Since 2 mm cardboard has more space, it is really hard to make a clear cut.

After the discussion our in the class it was obvious that I should make some changes on my model. Also, we have found a new way of working on our models. Tracing paper!! Now, it is my favorite method. It is so fun as well as being beneficial for omitting unneeded parts on the images.

BeFunky Collage6

For my revised model I tried to make a continuous relation between “elements”, a relation which has no end. I mean my final model was like a ring enclosed by planes.


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