Abstraction?! Through the First Model

Abstraction? Err… Abstracting an image?! Give me a second please.
Is it something which depends on perception? No?
Then, reinterpreting the image referring to your ideas or viewpoint? No, again?
In that case, what is abstraction? Abstraction is defined as the act of taking away or separating in the dictionary and what we are doing while abstracting an image is very similar to this definition. Just get rid of the details and focus on its basic mold or something like this. It is still hard to be sure about it. (The topic is already abstract) But it took my whole week to comprehend all these things.


Let’s move onto what I have done for our 1st assignment. We were tasked with searching Pinterest through such words: “overlap, texture, layers, repetition, shadow, hierarchy, rhythm, contrast…” and selecting an image to be modeled.
BeFunky Collage3

The image on the above is the one that I chose and the one that I wish I didn’t choose. Anyway, my first model was really like a figurative model of the image. Secondly, I got rid of the holes which makes my model very ornamented and figurative. That was the model that my instructors saw.

After that I decided to focus only to the architecture in the middle and replaced the base with a line shaped corrugated cardboard which connects all the parallel planes. So, my model changed a little more. (Even I don’t know how many times I transformed my model)

For the last revise I changed my shapes. It is written “rectilinear” in our assignment paper but it is still a controversial topic whether any polygons are rectilinear or only the ones with 90° interior angles.That’s why I decided to change my trapezoids with rectangular planes.

Here is the final

BeFunky Collage2


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