Posterize vol.2

Here is the second of our posterize assignment but unlike the first one we were free to use an image(of our choice) or not and there were no restrictions about the color. Additionally, we were bounded to use the keywords of the text “pure creation of the mind”.(You can acquire more information about the text from my blog post called “Architecture and Mucic in common)  This time I was more conscious of what to do and what to consider.
Ass.03_Nilay Karaköy

I started with deciding on an image and to be honest it took my hours to find a suitable one. The image that I found after many of exertions contains many features in terms of relations of planes and lines which can make an harmonious relation with the layout of the keywords. If we consider any word as a plane, the sizes of those planes are getting larger as the planes at the background enlarge. I also created an opposite relation by using the numbers of the words. While the sizes are getting bigger, the number of the words is decreasing. Next, I tried to create a different plane on the differentiated area (the area created by the shadows on the stairs)  by changing the color white to a grey toned one.

For the final adding, I colored the title of my choice and placed it into the middle of the poster.


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