Architecture and Music in Common

This article is going to be handling the relations between different
branches of art: architecture and music. Referencing from the video of “Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concert”` & the book “Toward a New Architecture” by Le Corbusier.

Firstly, let’s give it a start with the book. In the book the writer generally focuses on what architecture should be like and its concepts via the Parthenon. He expresses his notions about the plastic art and architecture while examining the organization and the structure of this ancient Greek temple. What the author alleges is that architecture is not only the matter of building or erection but the matter of art and ingenuity. ”Architecture is a work of art” and in the concept of art what arouses your emotions is the harmony and the unity of the combinations of elements. In addition, clear formation and characterizing every element is very significant for every work of art because every piece has its special attitude.

Nature is another point that the author centers upon. Simplicity in the nature is what gives it its great strength and you do not need a key to comprehend the layout or the unity of the figures. Further, nature has something touches our feelings at the first sight and make us feel satisfied because something inside us is struck.  What gives rise to this is the profound congruity within them and nature is the greatest architect that creates a poetic emotion and inspiration lies within it.

Secondly, the video deals with the question “What does music mean?” and approaches it with a lively language since it’s a concert for children. If we move on to the topic I should confess that I couldn’t agree more with what Leonard Bernstein was saying. Music has nothing to do with other things. It does not belong to a story or a moment and it does not have to
necessarily have an emotion. Music is just what you hear and what you feel, yet it is not something composed for a purpose or waking up a certain emotion. Music is the consonance of easy to hear notes put together just to get a composition which is a pleasure to hearken.  “Musical reasons and no other reasons”

Featured imageThen, I guess both the reading text and the video have many viewpoints in common since both of their concept is art. Architecture expresses thoughts by shapes while music uses sound and notes and those shapes and notes are both creations of mind. The two of them uses small elements works as a whole and the unity and harmony between them is what matters not the reasons. Additionally, both two branches of art uses nature & contour as a source of inspiration because the rhythm of nature is what vibrates in us.

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.

Laurie Anderson

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