My Initial Knowledge and Impression of Architecture


What I knew about being an architect was mostly related to design and imagination. This was the point that I had lots of concerns about. I have always had problems about depicting things in my mind and turning them into a form or composition.  As an individual who likes to draw, design and criticize about art works, I thought architecture would be my dream job. Besides, the word “studio” was another fact of this field which captured my interest. I couldn’t stop myself dreaming about my future days (and the nights that I’m going to smell the lambs) in the studio while drinking coffee with my favorite mug. Further, I was aware of the problems that I’m going to struggle with during my education and I was also conscious of the teaching  method used for architectural education will not be like lecturing. Despite all the facts I still strongly believe that I will find the energy to give all of my effort to do my best.

TEDUARCH Studios Handbook

Before evaluating, I want to thank all the instructors who have contributions on this joyful handbook prepared for TEDU-ARCH students. Reading the handbook not only illuminated me about the process of making, but also about the role of sharing ideas and cooperation while learning by doing. On the contrary of what I said in the first paragraph, I feel less anxious on the matter of design after reading the handbook. This is just because now I know that architecture is not only about having an innate ability of design or a great imagination talent. It is a field which can be learned and can be improved with an appropriate study and effort. Yet, I still couldn’t find any solution for approaching sleepless nights.


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